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The arborists at Harper Tree Service have both the experience and the equipment to efficiently remove unwanted and sick trees. Follows is a list of the most common reasons for tree removal:

  • The tree is dying or dead.
  • The tree is obstructing the owner’s access or view.
  • The tree is causing a hazard.
  • The tree is harming other trees due to overcrowding.

As one might imagine, these actions of removing a tree are incredibly dangerous and should only be performed by an expert. Another reason is legal. Not every tree can be cut or trimmed. While a tree might be on your land, the tree still, in a sense, is somewhat owned by the community in the eyes of the law. Harper Tree Service is intimately familiar with the laws and codes of Leesburg, GA with respect to the removal and pruning of trees and shrubbery.

Top notch tree care servicesHarper Tree Service provides one of the most effective forms of tree stump removal where we are able to take off any tree stump with the lowest amount of ground disruption. The biggest benefit of grinding out a tree stub rather than removing it mechanically is that the tree stump grinder will reduce the danger of damaging  services, pipes, cables and drains.

We specialize in all aspects of domestic / commercial tree surgery and forestry in Leesburg, GA . Providing a cost efficient assistance with no compromise of quality.

Trust our professional tree specialists for getting rid of unneeded stump and stubs.Our stump removal is proper for all domestic garden work and all contract work undertaken by Harper Tree Service we are able to remove all size stumps and having modified our machinery we are to get through a minimum opening. All working areas are cleaned up throughly after the job has been done and the ground is then made prepared for replanting, turfing, building or landscape gardening.

After every service we supply you with a list of all the Products we used on your trees. If an application requires you, your children or pets to stay off the lawn for a short time we will alert you to this fact the day before the application.