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Harper Tree Service is well known company in Leesburg GA. We provide high quality of tree services in this area including 40 mile around the city. Call us in a need of professional tree or stump removal.

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Phone: (229) 894-8096

Tree careRemoving a tree in Leesburg is an everyday reality for your local tree removal contractor. With skills sharpened by years of experience and tools ready to do the job, your local contractor can remove your trees in the safest, most thorough manner. No matter what your situation is, your tree removal contractor has not only seen it before, he also knows the correct, and safest way to handle it. While the removal of a tree may not be an everyday occurrence in your yard, it is a common service that people everywhere have done.

Harper Tree Service offers removal and grinding stump services so that we can help you deal with the remains that are left after you cut down your tree. When a tree is cut down, a root system remains underneath the ground. In addition, a stump is left. Some people can tolerate living with this in their yards while others can’t. The fastest way to get rid of your tree’s stump is through stump grinding. As for stump removal, some possibilities need to be considered. The best way to deal with these would be through consulting Leesburg tree removal specialists. This is a good thing to do before any kind of action is taken.

Our certified arborists are skilled in managing your pruning, removal, stump grinding, and plant health care needs; while providing the most comprehensive tree care services practices in the industry. Knowledge and passion for our industry ensures we will provide you with your tree pruning vision and plant health needs.

 For any tree service you can call us (229) 894-8096 any time!

We are 24 hour 7 days a week available company to help you with tree or stump issues!

Often when you have a tree that you want cut down, trimmed or removed from your property, you see the tree as a problem that needs a quick and simple solution. This kind of thinking can lead to rash tree trimming and tree removal mistakes that can have a lasting impact on your landscaping. Instead, by taking the time to understand tree removal and care and by finding a local tree cutting contractor to treat your tree properly and with the respect it deserves, you can keep your trees and lawn looking great.

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I wish every contractor was this easy to deal with. Great price, professional job. Large tree that I thought was going to be a big deal turned out to be a pleasant... Read more reviews

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